LightFusion Facial Treatments

LightFusion Facial Treatments


The lightfusion™ LED is a new way to deliver advanced, non-invasive photofacial. Combined with a Hydrogel Mask, the lightfusion™ device leaves your skin visibly plumper and more radiant after just 1 treatment, simultaneously stimulating cellular processes beneath the surface of the skin to create a healthy, long-lasting effect. lightfusion™ uses state of the art LEDs that deliver specific wavelengths of light to energize skin cells and encourage fibroblast activity, helping promote collagen and elastin that are essential for the fight against the ageing process.

F&F Signature Facial

The F&F Signature facial is a combination of Diamondtome microabrasion, Lightfusion and Hydrowand hydroplus+ using Vitage skincare products.

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